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Zia Pixie


         Arts Caravan’s creator and lead instigator Jenny Oeleis aka Pixie is the boiler that keeps Arts Caravan running. From event production, to web design, venue consulting, and bookings Pixie has a lot of balls to keep in the air. As a fully insured circus performer she incorporates a range of tools, partner acrobatics, and character pieces and is a certified Flow Arts Institute Fire safety.  Through Arts Caravan she is committed to connecting communities and developing conscious society through creativity and expression. 

   A visual artist, performer, and educator she has been performing with fire and flow for nearly two decades and making, support staffing, and showing visual creations for over 20 years. In recent history she works as a caretaker in Colorado, has shown visual art in Denver, Portland, and Seattle, and performed with Arts Caravan, Rainbow Militia, The Fucking Unicorns, and The Fantastic Hosts in Denver, Colorado.


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She has had the privilege of participating in eleven Burning Man festivals and twelve Apogaea Festivals and had the honor of performing in

the Great Circle at Burningman with fire Conclaves for seven years

(COFT 05, 06, HotCoCo 08, 09, 2011, 2012, Oregon Fire Conclave 2013).

Pixie has shared the stage with various performance troops including:

Synge, CO (05-07)

Fire Hazard, NM (09-present)

Circus Combustus, GA (2013-2015)

Art of Such n Such (09-present)

Rose City Vaudeville, OR (2011-present)

The Pyros of the Caribbean USVI (2008-2014)

The Fucking Unicorns, CO (2010-present)

and The Fantastic Hosts, CO (2011-2017)

And incorporates partner acrobatics, character pieces, and fire and non-fire props including:


single and double nunchucks

fire eating and contact torches

rope dart

jump rope


and sword

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