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Slim the Living Cyborg

Slim the Living Cyborg is an android sent back from the future to the present when a malfunction transformed him into an organic being. Now he feels pain and emotion and performs Sideshow for your entertainment.  He has performed at over 300 events in CO & WY.  Including Metal, Punk, Industrial & Goth shows. Art shows, fairs, weddings, birthday parties, costumed/ themed events, private parties, haunted houses, charities & fundraisers, grand openings and has busked on the street. 


He has opened for the Headlining touring troops 'The Show Devils with The Enigma' & ''The Oh No! Variety Show with Boobzilla' and is nationally known for performing at The Denver County Fair 2011. He has been mentioned in over 250 newspapers and discussed on, NBC, CBS, FOX News & The Late Show. 

2015: Exile 4, Denver County Fair, Denver Comic Con,, Industrial Arts Fest, Black Hawk Station Casino, Rapture art show, Hardcore For Hunger 
2014: All of October we worked the Colorado Fear Fest Haunt, Eleventh Hour, Synth React Death Reawakening, Stunt Battle to the Death w Oh No Variety Show, Exile 3, Denver County Fair, 3 Kings w The Show Devils, As Strange As It Seems w The Oh No Variety Show, Realities Ride, Ominous Farewell to the Flesh, EXILE 2
2013: Devilishly Delightful (Casper WY), Larimer Art Blitz, Dark Expo (Code 13)
2012: Exile, AnomalyCon, Circus of Fear 3D,& even a wedding reception.
2011: Fort Collins Zombie Crawl

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