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Draco Alexander


Recognized for his superior sleight of hand, and deeply engaging presentations, Draco Alexander weaves together World-Class Magic, Mind Blowing Mentalism, Escapes, Poetry, Psychology, Improv Comedy, and Quantum Physics to create memorable moments of Extraordinary Magic and Breath-taking Mystery.


An accomplished student of Jeff McBride's Mystery School, and Chicago's 'The Second City', Draco has entertained a wide range of audiences in a multitude of venues for over 35 years, including a 3 year residency with Caesar's Magical Empire, at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. While performing nightly in Las Vegas, Draco was cast as an extra in the Warner Bros. hit film,'Ocean's Eleven', starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts. 


Draco Alexander currently lives in Westmister, Colorado, and travels both nationally and internationally to perform as often as he can. Visit for more information.

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