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Arts   Caravan


"Social Circus Workshops"

'A dose of circus, to cure what ails ya'


Arts Caravan’s Social Circus Workshops 

ALL AGES- 45-60 min sessions (flexible) 

     Arts Caravan's Social Circus Workshops are a therepudic circus workshop that combine individual skills including balance and prop manipulation, both solo and group clowning exercises, group challenges, and lots of opportunities for choice based experiences and reflection. 

Laugh. Grow. Join in the Show!


    Arts Caravan’s Social Circus Workshops are designed through adaptable programming that include a wide range of activities to embrace and empower diverse populations. Increasing social and emotional wellbeing these workshops provide moments for critical thinking, collaboration, increased positive self-image and most of all, happiness through engagement in circus and arts activities. 


    With a relaxed and positive classroom environment participants assist in creating activities that include choice-based experiences and reflections. Providing an environment where participants are seen and heard creates a socially inclusive, safe place to explore one's relationship to themselves and the world around them. These occupational therapy structured workshops allow for meaningful social interaction, opportunities for success, to work as a team, and to learn to be confident while confronting and learning from mistakes. 

    Workshops include a mix of group, pair, and individual experiences. Encompassing a variety of circus and visual arts activities including juggling, clowning, hula hooping and object manipulation, tumbling, balance-based activities, visual art exploration, and informal performance. 

     The social, emotional, and physical benefits of circus enrich the lives of individuals and communities. Focusing on building self-esteem, this program builds relationships through social interactions and group collaboration. This adaptive curriculum allows for accommodations of diverse classroom environments, group numbers, and ages of participants. We look forward to discussing how Arts Caravan’s Social Circus programming can best serve your community.

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