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Natalie Franciose


A creatrix of space and a luminary of sorts, Natalie shines as she performs offerings of that radiant heart to any audience. Beginning in the flow arts community over a decade ago and hoop dancing her way through life since, she has taught hooping and other skills throughout the years and performed with several troupes around the country.  Diversifying her prop manipulation skill set from cirque-clowning- mime-esque movements, to whimsical-woodland fairy-character-play, to luminous fire dancing… all of which set her soul on fire! Engaging with community, creating a story to tell with her rhythm, and sharing joy and laughter fills her cup and the cups of those around her.


Seeking knowledge and understanding is a core value in Miss Franciose. In 2012 she began the pursuit of Oriental Medicine and gained her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015… which connected the dots in her life. Expanding upon what flow arts had already instilled in her, the trajectory had already been mapped and now with her newly learned skillset has propelled Natalie onto her chosen path.


Flow state is one of fertile creativity.  As an acupuncturist and herbalist, she assists that space in others which sometimes needs a little connectivity and balance. The human body is the vessel to live the life you want to lead. Facilitating that body care for active beings is what continues to ignite that passion of flow in Natalie.


Overjoyed and honored to share the stage and creative space with ArtsCaravan, she is always amazed to see what fun is cultivated with the unique shows made with her circus friends.  

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