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Tarena Loves You


       Through movement, dance, music, visual pleasantries and characters Tarena blends classical forms with contemporary expressions. Passionate and expressionistic she has been performing, co-creating, and supporting creative happenings in Colorado since 2007 and has been published and shown in books, magazines, posters and galleries. Utilizing strong choreography, a comical approach including crowd interaction, extravagant costuming, hair and outfits she is influenced by: Egyptian, Middle Eastern, cabaret, samba, Gypsy and Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Argentine Tango, modern and contemporary dance forms, burlesque, vaudeville and special character acts.


       Some of the elements she utilizes in performance are: skirt dancing, silk veil and fan dancing, Isis wings, balancing swords (Scimitar), Lebanese cane dancing, hoop dancing, vaudeville, burlesque, and stilt walking. Fire props include: fire balancing sword, palm torches, fire fingers, fire fans, fire belt, fire parasol, S staffs and dual Short Staffs. She has performed with many live musicians, bands, dj's both local and nationwide shows in clubs, restaurants, weddings, theatres, and street performances.  Additionally, her passion for expression blends well with fine art modeling and art education settings.

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