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Emergence @ Apogaea 2014


10 amazing workshops, performances, and happenings
over this magical 5 day festival tucked in the
majesty of the  Colorado Mountains!

There’s nothing that fills my heart with more joy than watching the faces of individuals who have there minds and bodies turned on to passion and expression!


             Apogaea 2014 provided an amazing platform for allowing Arts Caravan facilitators to share there gifts with eager and beautifully open participants.  I am so proud of my amazing players from near and far Ken A, Melinda Smart, Tarena, Jakare, Quill, and Wil Albarez you all ROCKED IT!!!  


           The willingness of individuals to take the leap and try something they had never attempted or to work on a skill they were not confident in and the turn around of smiles and enjoyment was truly lovely.  Taking strangers and balancing them on your feet…Turning scribbles into a flowing figurative gesture…Expressing an emotion through movement and then sharing that piece of yourself on stage with fire…Joining in a pulse of rhythm and a passionate sway…Braving a thunderstorm to share in making and dance with your children…Contemplating a professionals sideshow antics and acting journey…. Discussing and playing out human interactions and protection…


         YOU 'Emergence' citizens made this an amazing kick off on this new life path!  The gratitude and satisfaction from sharing Arts Caravan’s debut with my Colorado creative community has left me glowing and overflowing with an abundant charge to inspire ON!


Be Well and Keep Creating!!

Humbly Yours,


Zia Pixie

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