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        At 5'3” and 110 pounds, Rue is a versatile performer packed into a petite and enchanting bundle. As soon as she appears, crowds stare mesmerized, whether she is performing in a custom costume atop her 3 1/2 foot tall peg stilts, or channeling dancing alien energy on stage. Mixing elements of ballet, hip hop and modern dance, Rue weaves an energetic medley of rhythm and grace that has captivated audiences from New York to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.


         Her resume is also impressive- 3 EDC events in three different cities, and multiple appearances at large festivals including Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland in LA in 2010, and a inspired main stage stilt performance at EDC Vegas in 2013. Citing diverse influences ranging from mentor Ms Easy to Motley Crue's own Nikki Sixx, Rue is an energetic chameleon- blending character, costume, and dance into otherworldly personas that add an element of uniqueness and atmosphere anywhere she performs.


       With a custom clothing company, Shandearan, and bookings throughout 2014 already on the table, the near future looks very bright for this diminutive dynamo. Catch her in the act as she continues her personal mission “to inspire people to let out the amazing greatness that is inside of them, and show them that they can express it in any way they want.”

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