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Jake Wagner aka Jakare




        Jakare has been playing didgeridoo for over a decade now and has two aboriginal digs. He loves to play and share that joy with others. His trip last winter to Australia helped inform his understanding of how the instrument works and the history behind it.


         He is the current helmsman for the HOT COCO conclave and has participated in and led several Apo projects. He was a project lead for the ‘Wonderland Vortex’ camp at Hailogea. His first Apo Art Grant was awarded in 2004 for ‘Perspectives’ at Apogaea in Dreamtime. He has attended all Apogaeas and one Geodesika. He has helped organize the Colorado Fire Tribe in the Parade of Lights for many years and is far and away the longest running member of any Colorado Conclave. All this leads to quite a lot of experience with herding cats and project planning.

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