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Arts Caravan Presents




2 for 1 kids workshop,

4 talks, 6 vendors,

and 14 performers

 in 2 SHOWS!!

Hosted by The Circus Dungeon

in Golden, Colorado

        My heart is full and my face is glowing from Sunday’s amazing turn out at Art’s Caravan’s FUNdRAISER First!! I am so blessed to have and continue growing an amazing circus and creative community. From a gaggle of crafty mask makers and flowies in training to informative a heartfelt speakers, inspirational, entertaining, tantalizing, and downright strange acts of human oddities no one who entered left without being a slight bit changed. Abundant gratitude to all of my freaks and beauties who performed, vended, volunteered, busted ass, fed, played, participated, expressed and loved in my dream of providing an educational and entertaining platform for conscious society through the arts and passion based expression. Look for regular mixer events (workshops & talks) as well as spectacular performances beginning September and October!!


Burn Bright and Share Your Light!!


Zia Pixie

There's something about the raw power of mother nature that pushes us to be our best selves.


             Transformus 2014 presented a challenging and unique opportunity to spread the Arts Caravan love to the east coast.  Deep gratitude to Camp Contact, Cypris of Exuro, Anger Camp, Jello Shot Island and Lily Lanter for providing space, sharing your passions with others, and believing in Arts Caravan.


           Participants crawled out of the woodwork, through the mud, and into Contact Camps dome to prove that no amount of moisture will rain on this creative parade.  Engaging in meaningful life path discussion, playing musical chairs drawing and trying your hats as the muse proved you Mysterians give it your best soggy boots and all.


         Being embraced by this new Burner community has fueled the passion fires and encouraged my cross pollinating schemings!  The magic of Deerfields and the southern hospitality yall give keeps a lingering smile on my lips, a feeling of deep gratitude in my heart, and a taste for another visit to your neck of the woods real soon!



Burn Bright!

At Your Service,


Zia Pixie

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