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Arts Caravan 


Burning Man 2018

"w/ Art of Such & Such"

'A dose of circus, to cure what ails ya'

Monday - Sunday

August 27th- September 2nd

Black Rock City, NV

Join us for some entertainment of the circus variety. Whether it's a hula hooper, magician, or fire eater. A blockhead, acrobat or a sultry singer our remedies are sure to delight the senses and put a smile on your face.



Arts Caravan is packing up our tent, props and bag 'o tricks and heading to the Nevada desert for Burning Man 2018! We're joining forces with Art of Such n Such to bring circus performance and art support accompaniment to"The Waking Bird Dog" AKA "Uncle Charlie's Red Hot Cock". Imagine a giant metallic jackal headed rooster glowing red hot as it howls fire rocking to and fro across the sunrise smoke n flame belching from its beaklike jowls and mohawk toped head. someone screams ROCK THE COCK! as two large groups of participants start rocking the gigantic teeter totter!

Help support this AHmazing Art!

Arts Caravan presents unique professionals to your community to enliven and inspire through the visual, circus, and performance arts.


Learn, laugh, grow, and join in the show.

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