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Burning Man 2014

Figure drawing magic.
Connecting within the rawest show on earth.

Burning Man is always such a source of inspiration, amazement, and growth. 

Bringing my Arts Caravan Musical Figure Drawing Workshop to the table pushed er’ into overdrive!


             ASS Camp (Art of Such and Such) graciously hosted my first ever figure drawing teaching experience ala Playa.  Holding two classes right on Esplanade generated two vastly different but hugely rewarding experiences.


           Hawking a workshop midday (early morning Burner time) amongst the hustle and bustle of bikers on their way to dance parties, pedestrians asking directions to Costume Cult, "Hey where's Rocky Horror!?” and I even got “Does your camp have a trash for these (cups)?” was a very entertaining and...unique experience.  My first class went very well with many students never having done much drawing and by the end of class sharing smiles and proud affirmations of "this looks like a person!!" The joy of igniting this passion spread to the following days with reports from my campmates of folks coming into the big top looking for “the art teacher” and asking when the next drawing class was happening.


         Class round two was were the true Playa magic and amazing synergy of the Burn caramelized to a brilliant perfection.  An amazing professional, delectably languid model just happened to be walking by the big top as I was pulling people in. Ninja's groovin beats filled the space providing a wiggle to our scribble.  Campmates and artists played muse as we switched hats modeling, drawing, and critiquing... The initial handful of experienced artisans doubled by the end of our time where we abandoned the original format of the class in pursuit of long the midst of a million distractions we drew.  Completely content and full of gratitude.


            The beauty of igniting this passion for the collaboration and synergy of arts is what Arts Caravan strives to instigate.  I am overflowing with gratitude and pride for such a unique opportunity to create with such amazing individuals.  Thank you ASS Camp, thank you Burning Man, thank you participants!


Keep Those Fires Burning!!

At Your Service,


Zia Pixie


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