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Stephanie Kohler


    Stephanie Kohler is a performer, teacher, writer, and musician based in Atlanta, GA. She has lived and traveled on 5 continents, learning movement and words and music.


        A lifelong musician, she has performed at Bonnaroo and other festivals around the country. She also loves to dance, in whatever capacity—alone at home, with a hoop or fabric, at a gathering of many people. Her favorite is barefoot around a bonfire, with a drum circle. Her dancing style incorporates many traditions, such as flamenco, salsa, bellydance, and even asana.


        Her fan style reflects this love of movement. She has performed with the Art of Such n Such and Circus Combustus, as well as participated in conclave for both Burning Man and Alchemy.


       She encourages everyone to find their own rhythms and expressions within various types of music, using whatever props they prefer. She strives to live in authentic self-expression, as well as encouraging and supporting others to do the same.


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