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Arts Caravan 


Happy Hour

Variety Show

Apogaea 2018

'A dose of circus, to cure what ails ya'



June 8th

6 pm

Glamp Camp

Come on down for some early evening entertainment of the circus variety. Whether it's a hula hooper, magician, or fire eater. A blockhead, acrobat or a sultry singer our remedies are sure to delight the senses and put a smile on your face.



Step right up for some early evening entertainment of the circus variety, GLAMP style! Look to the skies as the lovely Krissy Star dazzles with her aerial grace suspended from our very own TOWER, have an extra tall chat with the charming, witty word smithing, Allison Cohn, soak up the emcee uke rockin' love of Xilla, and try not to get caught in the heat of Zia Pixie. **Other special guests are bound to add to the mix!!

BYOC&C (cup & chair) and imbibe of our Bloody Whiskey Vixen Rock n Roll Happy Hour...left overs ; D

Costume Always Encouraged!!

Invite your friends!

Arts Caravan presents unique professionals to your community to enliven and inspire through the visual, circus, and performance arts.


Learn, laugh, grow, and join in the show.

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