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Arts Caravan Presents

Arts MIXER 2.0

Food For Thought

Join Arts Caravan Second Installment of
Arts Mixer: Food for Thought!!

Arts Mixer events are an opportunity to learn, grow, and chill with talented creative peers.

Arts MIXER 2.0 features a little something to dig your teeth into.
Featuring culinary magic ala Nic D of The Up Beet Kitchen and an opportunity to get the dirt on what you eat with Michael Moss of Kilt Farm.

October 25th 4-7pm
Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Nurse and Chef Nic D from The Up Beet Kitchen will Wok your day! Stir frying is a quick and easy way to take advantage of whatever vegetables are fresh and available that week. Learn how to cook a great stir fry that leaves the vegetables seared but crisp, in Asia this is called “Wok Hei.” Come learn how to make a great stir fry sauce that coats the vegetables and doesn’t pool at the bottom of your plate. We will also cover how to select a wok, and properly season it. This quick and healthy cooking technique is a great way to beet disease and illness!

Michael Moss of Kilt Farm is going to get down and dirty with you about our current food system. From the perspective of the farmer, learn about the impact our food choices are having on the planet and what we can do to not just help turn the situation around but to save the planet. This lecture will empower you to make better choices in the food you buy and hopefully inspire you to grow your own food.

Come on by for an early evening opportunity to learn, grow, and join in the show!!

Zia Pixie

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