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Arts Caravan Presents

Arts MIXER 1.0

Join Arts Caravan for our very first Arts Mixer event!!
Arts Mixer events are an opportunity to learn, grow, and chill with talented creative peers.

Arts MIXER 1.0 features a triple threat of Denver talents
Melinda Smart, Rue aka Shandearan Bell, and Jenny Oeleis!!
October 4th 3-6pm
Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Melinda brings an all new 1 1/2 hour acting workshop that focuses on "unlocking the emotional body- gaining access to your emotional range through movement."

Rue will be speaking about what it was like to perform at some of the largest EDM shows, my fall last year, and what it has been like sense.

Jenny Oeleis' expressive, alternative culture, figurative paintings,  drawings, and sculpture provide additional visual stimulation to this multi-arts event!

Come on by for an early evening opportunity to learn, grow, and join in the show!!

Zia Pixie

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