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           Arts Caravan has generously been granted funds to help take the circus up a notch at this years

Emergence @ Apogaea!!


!!!Can't wait to see you at Apo in June!!!


For your participatory pleasure we present

Apogaea 2014  Emergence

with 6 delightful workshops:


‘Turn Your Frown Upside Down: Circus Improv’ with Wil Albarez

“Bellydance Movement’ with Tarena

‘Circus Vogue: Gestural Figure Drawing’ with Pixie

‘How Do Didgeridoos Do What They Do?’ with Jakare

'Manifest Identity- a character development workshop' with Melinda Smart

and ‘Circus Sprouts’ our children’s workshop combining all five workshops.


Each adult and big kids workshop will be approximately 1 ½ hours each. All workshop facilitators will present a station style workshop for kids at the ‘Circus Sprouts’ workshop."


Turn your Frown Upside Down: Circus Improv~ with Wil Albarez


A workshop based on the power of whimsy, comedy and joy. Get Creative with facial expressions, body language, and sounds. Tips on keeping your audience engaged and entertained.


Provided Materials: Various character enhancing accouterments including but not limited to mustaches, glasses, noses, hats


Manifest Identity- A Character Development Workshop~ with Melinda Smart


Create and play out your own reality.  Using a combination of both acting and dance-movement techniques, participants develop and embody an original character of their imagining. Learn techniques for invention of a realm where your character can explore and overcome adversity. Unlock emotional access by becoming one with your archetype. Become your own work of ART. No experience necessary. Willingness to experience emotions and vulnerability required.



Participants are asked to bring one item of clothing that represents a unique mood and one object that best embodies an idea or place. Please have one of these items be something that you are willing to to give away or lend.


Bellydance Movement~ with Tarena


Moving through the sacred rhythm patterns and isolations of Middle Eastern music and dance. Implement these dance forms into your life using proper posture and creating self-body awareness along the way. Everyone loves to dance! Why not learn an ancient dance form right here in our own community!? I enjoy working with others and bringing focus to what isolations and postures to use in order to learn basic belly dance moves. Men & women of all ages are welcome


Circus Vogue: Gestural Figure Drawing~ with Pixie


Come explore the anatomical understructure and the amazing adornment that is circus with gestural figure drawing. A gesture is a pose, an emotion described through a body position. Gesture drawing allows the artist to achieve many, loose, and expressive drawings within a short session. Skilled artisans and novice’s welcome for a laid back two hour circus figure drawing exploration where artists try their hat as models, teachers, and learners.


Provided Materials:

newsprint, drawing boards, charcoal, conte, and graphite


How Do Didgeridoos Do What They Do?~ with Jakare


Ever wondered how such strange sounds come from a hollow log? Come and learn to play the didgeridoo. We will have a bunch of didgs available for everyone to use to learn. We’ll hoot and holler and get in touch with our roots. I’ll rope in some of the other didg players in the community to help me teach folks. We can have a little lecture but one on one and just trying it out are going to be the best ways for folks to learn.


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